Claiming Your Personal Power


Some of us put forth a great deal of effort to change our circumstances with the abilities we've acquired but feel like it's just no use, sometimes we have a feeling of  helplessness because even though we try, nothing ever changes. These failed attempts bring people to give up on their health, their relationships with friends and loved ones and even their business successes. Many start compromising and becoming complacent with their lives. They continually allow other people's happiness to come before their own. Allowing this to happen initiates anxiety, depression, fear and self doubt. They often times just give up on the notion that they deserve anything better and continue to live an unfulfilled life, believing that there's no other way. Some of the worst feelings can be that of feeling trapped, either by their current circumstances or by the expectations of others. Let us be honest and mindful of the inconvenient truth that we put up our own enclosures to either defend ourselves, or to keep our loved ones safe from harm. That is what we humans do, defenders and protectors alike...we adapt. We make decisions and choices everyday. We have the choice, we have the power, and we absolutely have the strength to break free of these chains that are holding us back from having more time to do the things that we enjoy, and have more emotional and financial freedom and abundance.

I look forward to being your guide

Live with Love and Honest Intentions,

~Sara Carr

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